AMI Training Centres Worldwide

AMI Training Centres in Canada

Foundation for Montessori Education
2100 Bloor St W, Unit 13,
Toronto, ON M6S 1M7
Ph: 416-769-7457

The Foundation for Montessori Education, founded by Renilde Montessori in 1989, was the eventual culmination of several Montessori training programs in Toronto, the earliest being a program inaugurated by Mario Montessori at Victoria College, University of Toronto, in 1971. Renilde served as Director of Training at FME from 1989 to 1995 when she took on the position of General Secretary of the AMI. In 1996, FME became the first Montessori Teacher Training Centre to offer an Assistants’ Course. The FME offers the AMI Diploma for the Primary level (3-6 years) in an on-site, full-time course beginning in September each year. FME offers the two week AMI Assistants' Course in August each summer, as well as regularly conducting refresher courses, typically held over three days in the month of February.

Further information about the Foundation for Montessori Education may be found on their website

Montessori Training Centre of BC
1410 Nanton Avenue,
Vancouver, BC V6H 2E2
Ph: 604-261-0864

The Montessori Training Centre of BC has been operating continuously since it was first established in 1982. The Centre offers the AMI diploma for the Primary level (3-6 years) in an on-site, full-time course beginning in September each year. In addition, the MTCBC also offers the Assistants to Infancy Course (0-3 years) in a summer course format over two summers, with the most recent program commencing summer 2017. A summer format Elementary Course (6-12 years) will begin in summer 2018.
MTCBC also offers the two week AMI Assistants’ Course each summer, as well as holding an annual refresher course, typically over three days in January/February.
The MTCBC also administers a Primary Montessori school, the Montessori Childrens' Community, which is an AMI Recognized School.

Further information about the Montessori Training Centre of BC may be found at their website

AMI International Training Centres

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International AMI Training Centres

Training Centre Country
Fundación Argentina María Montessori FAMM Argentina
Australian Centre for Montessori Studies Australia
Foundation for Montessori Education Canada
Montessori Training Centre of British Columbia Canada
Beijing Kidtopia Montessori Institute China
Chongqing Beautiful Grassland Montessori Training School China
Peninsula Montessori Institute China
Zhejiang Montessori Institute of Child Development China
Montessori Institute Prague Czech Republic
Finnish Montessori Training Centre Finland
Centre de Formation Montessori Francophonie France
Institut Supérieur Maria Montessori France
Montessori Institut Dortmund Germany
Montessori Internationales Ausbildungszentrum e.V. Germany
The Montessori Lab Greece
Navadisha Montessori Foundation India
R.T.I. Montessori Training Course India
The Montessori Training and Research Trust India
Fondazione Centro Internazionale Studi Montessoriani Italy
Montessori Training Center Perugia Italy
Friends of AMI Nippon Japan
Montessori Institute of Tokyo Japan
Korea Montessori Institute Korea
Centro de Entrenamiento Montessori de Metepec Mexico
Centro de Entrenamiento Montessori México A.C. Mexico
Centro Internacional Villa Montessori (Morelia) Mexico
Formacion Pedagógica Montessoriana (Cancun) Mexico
Grupo Montessori de la Ciudad de Merida Mexico
Instituto Internacional Montessori (Naucalpan) Mexico
Instituto Montessori Internacional de Queretaro Mexico
Instituto Montessori para Guías de Taller Mexico
Instituto Paolini de Puebla Mexico
Instituto Montessori de México, A.C. Mexico
International Montessori Institute Netherlands
Maria Montessori Education Foundation New Zealand
Montessori Teachers Training Centre Pakistan
Montessori Training Centre Poznan Poland
Montessori Institute of Bucharest Romania
Montessori Public Fund Training Center Russia
The Higher School of the Montessori Method Russia
Indaba Montessori Institute South Africa
Instituto Montessori de Malaga Spain
Montessori-Palau International Research and Training Center (Girona) Spain
Satellite Course Barcelona Spain
Valencia Montessori School Spain
Good Shepherd Maria Montessori Training Centre Sri Lanka
Maria Montessori Institutet Sweden
Institut de Formation Maria Montessori - IFMM Switzerland
Montessori CH Internationales Ausbildungszentrum Schweiz Switzerland
Montessori Training Centre of Dar es Salaam Tanzania
Maria Montessori Institute United Kingdom
Great Work Montessori Training Center United States
Greenville Montessori Institute United States
Houston Montessori Institute United States
International Montessori Training Institute (Atlanta) United States
Montessori Center of Minnesota United States
Montessori Institute of Atlanta United States
Montessori Institute of Milwaukee, Inc. United States
Montessori Institute of San Diego United States
Montessori Northwest United States
Montessori Training Center of St. Louis United States
Montessori Training Centre Northeast United States
Southwest Institute of Montessori Studies United States
The Montessori Institute (Denver) United States
The Montessori Institute of North Texas United States
Washington Montessori Institute United States