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Sixth Assembly of Educateurs sans Frontières

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International Montessori Congress

The first International Montessori Congress was held in Helsingør, Denmark in 1929. Since then, congresses have been held in many countries on various continents. This past summer, the 28th International Montessori Congress was held in Prague, Czech Republic from July 27-30th, 2017. The event hosted over 70 countries from around the world, with more than 70 delegates from across Canada.

In the final moments of the closing ceremony in Prague, the location and date for the 29th International Montessori congress were revealed to be Thailand, July 16-19, 2021. Thailand is the hub of knowledge-sharing in Montessori education in Southeast Asia. The organising committee will naturally draw largely from the teacher, student, experts and key representatives of international education organisations in the region.

29th International Montessori Congress, Bangkok, Thailand, 16 - 19 July 2021