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International Montessori Congress

The first International Montessori Congress was held in Helsingør, Denmark in 1929. Since then, congresses have been held in many countries on various continents. The 28th International Montessori Congress was held in Prague, Czech Republic from July 27-30th, 2017. The event hosted over 70 countries from around the world, with more than 70 delegates from across Canada.

The Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) Board, together with the 2021 Montessori Congress Planning Committee and the AMI Thailand Affiliate, have decided to move the next International Montessori Congress to 2023.

Given the current global situation with the Coronavirus, all felt that this was the safest and best decision to take considering the well-being of our speakers, our organizers and our Montessori community across the world. While we are disappointed that we have to postpone, we look forward to the opportunity to come together with our Montessori community in 2023. For information on the 2023 Congress, please visit:

The goal of the 29th International Montessori Congress is to raise awareness and understanding of Montessori education as a global influence in our rapidly changing world. The conference theme, "Education for a New World", promises to inspire all delegates to appreciate the significance of their work and to return to their homes after the Congress with renewed vigour. As with all international gatherings of this scale, participants can look forward to connecting with others, learning from others, and making new friends.

29th International Montessori Congress, Bangkok, Thailand, 2nd - 5th August 2023