Are you looking to become an AMI member, school, or teacher in an authentic Montessori program with internationally recognized standards of quality?

There are several ways to join the AMI family and help support children, families, teachers and schools in Canada. Whether it is by becoming an AMI (Canada) member, an AMI Recognized school or an AMI certified teacher, you will find more information below or contact us for details.


Annual membership is $98 CAD per year

Membership in AMI (Canada) is open to all and includes membership in AMI Global. Membership connects one to the national Montessori community and to the larger international Montessori movement of AMI Holland. Annual membership provides all the benefits of the international membership in AMI, as well as additional national benefits in AMI (Canada)

Membership Benefits include:


AMI (Canada) administers AMI’s global quality assurance program. Participating schools are committed to an internationally recognized set of criteria identifying high quality authentic Montessori programs. AMI pedagogical standards ensure that AMI recognized schools offer programmes that allow children to develop their physical, intellectual, social and emotional potential and ensure that the approach is consistent with the content presented in AMI training courses worldwide. Schools meeting these criteria apply annually for recognition and are issued a certificate to confirm that these criteria are met. The recognition process assures parents that their children are receiving an authentic Montessori education.

For information about becoming a registered AMI school, click HERE.
To find an AMI School in your area, click HERE.


Earn an AMI Diploma by taking AMI Teacher Training. AMI Training provides an in-depth study of Montessori philosophy and pedagogy and the study of child development. It is offered in various formats, for various levels at training centres around the world. The AMI diploma is the only Montessori diploma bearing the signature of Dr. Maria Montessori.

For more information on becoming a Montessori teacher and earning an AMI diploma visit the Montessori Training in Canada page.